What should I wear to my shoot?

  • Be yourself! Wear something that is comfortable and that represents you. 
  • If you have a favorite pair of shoes, sweater, necalace, try and create your outfit with these items.
  • If you have a favorite color that you want to wear, embrace it!
  • Decide if you'd like casual or dressy... or maybe both (make sure whatever you choose is on the same dress level as the others in your shoot.
  • Avoid shiney material. It is not flattering in photos.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it is comfortable and you can move around in it
  • When choosing colors dont be afraid of bold or rich. Patterns can be fun and playful as well as long as they aren't too intense. Try to choose colors that complement each other, but are not the same exact. Avoid super matchy matchy.
  • If looking for examples, search what to wear for my family/engagement/portrait shoot on pinterest.com.

What should I do with my hair and makeup?

  • I'd recommend getting a blow-out, and treating yourself to getting your makeup done. You'll feel fresh and oh so pretty!
  • Stick to matte styled lipsticks and eyeshadows, glitter and reflective things can cause unwanted lights.
  • Fill in your brows if you have light brows. Things tend to photograph lighter and less intense. 
  • Wear some lip color. Wearing lip color will help them stand out and appearing fuller rather than staying nude and blending in to your face.
  • Depending on how long and thick your eyelashes are, wear black mascara and falsies.
  • Use powder and bring a packet of oil absorbing sheets to keep near if you get too shiny. 
  • When putting on your makeup, make sure to do it in natural light. This will help you visualize what youll be looking like outside.
  • With these tips, keep in mind not to go overboard, and to stay true to yourself and what is close to what you normally wear :) 
  • I am not a makeup artist, these are just tips based on me photographing people :) 

When should I book my maternity and newborn shoot?

  • The best time for maternity shoots are from 28-35 weeks depending on how comfortable you are.  You want to show off that adorable belly while not feeling too huge, and maintaining that happy beautiful motherly glow.
  • Newborns should be done 7-12 days within being born if possible. Get them while they are really tiny, they only stay that way for so long. Also with these shoots I usually go to you so momma and baby can be comfy and near necessities. Window light is needed for these.

Do you provide props?

  • I have a few, but usually like to talk to my clients about things that are unique to themselves.
  • It is not always necesary to use props, so don't feel like you have to have any either. YOU are the main subject! :)
  • For newborns I recommend finding cute hats, and outfits that reflect your new little family, I have a number of things to use, but also can direct you to where to find examples and all kinds of cuteness baby props.

How do I keep my baby calm for a newborn shoot?

  • Feed them so they are full when I arrive, full babies are sleepy and happy babies. This will help in keeping them sleepy and more relaxed.
  • Make sure your house isn't too cold so your baby stays warm for the nakey shots :)
  • I will bring a small space heater to keep the area nice and toasty as well.

My kids do not like getting their picture taken, how do I deal with this?

  • Make sure they are well rested so they dont get cranky.
  • Bring some incentive or offer a reward after if they behave well.
  • Have a backup such as favorite stuffed animal or blanket on hand in case we need to get them more comfortable or find ways to make them laugh.
  • Don't be afraid to be goofy in the back ground to make them giggle.

I dont live in Los Angeles, but I want to book you. Do you travel?

  • yes! we do travel.
  • Depending on how far you are from us, travel fees will apply