.Photographer + 3D Artist.

Greetings! Thanks for stopping in to check out my work. My name is Alyssa and I am originally from upstate New York and am now a Los Angeles transplant. I have always loved taking photos. The idea of having a moment captured forever was always something that I treasured. I went on to study digital media in college, loving every minute of the photography courses.

I am also a 3D artist and have worked on a handful of animated films and a few live action. I have worked at Sony Imageworks, and am currently working at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I take my camera skills in the real world and apply them into the world of animation. You can check me out on IMDB!

I like to shoot more towards the candid side with natural light as much as possible. I like capturing candids because I feel they are highly accurate in showing people's emotions. I personally approach photography as being all about capturing people's personalities and the feelings that are present at that time. Telling stories is how I roll. 

I love coffee, kitties, dogs, animals, whimsical things like ferns, snails, moss, trees, air plants, succulants, terrariums, Hayao Miyazaki, TV shows (office, parks and rec, new girl, etc.), everything and anything comedy, syfy, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, hiking, dancing, rain, those two together... and much more! 

If you feel my style of shooting is to your taste, Check out my Info section! I would love to book a shoot with you, or grab coffee and chat about happy things!